About Us

MEI was founded by physician and nurse educators with years of experience teaching others. Our mission is to further medical and nursing education while our students enjoy amazing vacations. MEI speakers are often a “who’s who” of clinical lecturers, with presentations and lectures on highly relevant, useful and important topics that will be of value regardless of your nursing specialty.  You will also spend time with other nurses from around the country, making friendships and networking.
Courses are all-inclusive and cover airfare, accommodations, sightseeing, meals, classes, taxes, fees and transfers.  Our team of travel companies have extensive experience managing tours, visas, etc, and will work to make your trip safe and enjoyable.  By handling all of the travel planning for you, you can focus on learning, and sightseeing.    We also purchase in bulk, so as to provide you with the best possible rates and people often find our trips to be much less expensive than trips purchased individually.  Of course, you are always welcome to bring family and friends to accompany you.  Our goal is for you to have fun while you learn!
We are an accredited CEU provider and will provide documentation of all your educational activity.

Come and see the world with us!