Our courses are clinically-based lectures on topics that are of use to nurses regardless of nursing specialty. We feature subjects that will enhance your clinical practice and greatly improve your comprehension and skills.
Each course can offer a different speaker. Our speakers have a strong clinical teaching background and present topics in an informative and interesting format.  We choose proven educators with an extensive background in the topics that are being taught.
Of course! We are a fully accredited CEU provider and will provide documentation for all educational activity. Each trip may offer a different number of CEU credits.
A portion of the trip may be deductible, although this will vary depending on your State of residence. It is always best to check with your tax advisor.
Trips typically range between 7-10 days. Optional excursions are often available that may add a few days if you choose.
The accommodations typically consist of 4-star hotels in our featured destinations.  Most are very close to the desired tourist destinations we are visiting.  Meals are usually included
We take extra precautions to ensure your visit will be safe. Our partner tour operators have many years of experience and an excellent safety record.
You will definitely require a passport whenever you are leaving the country and your passport must be valid for at least 6 months following the last day of the trip.  We will notify you if the upcoming destination requires a Visa for travel and will arrange all Visa requirements well in advance.
Yes.  Tours do not include airfare.  We can arrange airfare for you, using bulk discounts to offer you the best possible rate.  You are free to purchase your own flights or use your own flyer miles, however be aware that your costs may be higher.  You will also be responsible for any delays, cancellations or other flight issues that may be incurred through your own reservation.
Yes.  You are responsible for arriving at the designated airports a MINIMUM of 3 hours prior to the designated departure time and day.  You are responsible for arranging travel to the designated airports.
You are always welcome to have your family accompany you.  However, family members may not be able to stay at the same hotels and will not be able to attend the courses offered, unless they also register through M.E.I.  Special hotel arrangements may incur additional fees.  At this time we do not allow pets to accompany, as there may be restrictions at the various hotels or points of interest in the different countries we visit or quarantine restrictions upon return to the U.S.