Previous Courses

Athens, Greece – 2012

I – Cardiovascular Complications of Diabetes
II – Basic Neurologic Evaluation for the Non-Neurologist
III – Common Cardiac Murmurs: Clinical Pearls
IV – Abdominal Pain in the Elderly
V – Common Stings, Bites and Envenomations: Evaluation and Treatment

London, UK – 2011

I – Pediatric Trauma: Evaluation and Treatment of the Injured Child
II – Infectious Disease: Clinical Pearls for Initial Evaluation
III – Pulmonary Embolism: Key Signs
IV – Anxiety and Sleep Disorders
V – Infection Prevention and Nursing Care

Sydney, Australia – 2010

I – Legal Issues in Nursing Care
II – Gastrointestinal Bleeding in Adults: Initial Evaluation and Management
III – Head Injury: Pediatric vs. Adult
IV – Septic Shock Update
V – Common Psychiatric Care Topics for Nurses